People who enjoy the different Delta 8 effects might find that these tend to differ depending on the person. So, you might wonder why am I experiencing something differently? Well, there are actually a few reasons as to why this might occur. In fact, these reasons can differ because of body type, dosage, potency, brand, and other aspects.

So, let’s take a look at these reasons to find out why these differences occur.

Delta 8 Effects: Body Type

As you are using Delta 8, you’ll find that your body type and body fat content will affect how much Delta 8 it takes to feel the full effects. People who weigh more may find that suggested doses of Delta 8 affect them less, so they may need to take higher doses.

Delta 8 Effects: Dosage

Speaking of higher doses, the amount of Delta 8 that you take at one time will also change what sort of effects you will experience. This is why it is better when you’re just starting to take Delta 8 to start with very small doses, so you can learn the proper dosage for you. The rule of thumb is and always will remain that the strategy is to increase from a small dose rather than the alternative.

Delta 8 Effects: Blends and Strains

The different blends and strains will also affect what you will experience as you take Delta 8. Each of them will offer different effects depending on whether they are sativa, indica, or a hybrid. Additionally, the potency may also differ depending on the Delta 8 strain. Higher potencies will cause stronger effects.

Delta 8 Effects: Type

What type of Delta 8 you will be taking is another aspect that you’ll find changes your experience. Whether you are taking vapes, gummies, edibles, or dabs, you will find that they each offer different effects. Additionally, they have different reported potencies, depending on how you are taking it. For example, gummies have been reported to be more potent than vapes, whereas vapes are reported to be more potent than tinctures. To make matters more confusing, some users report the opposite. This goes to show that multiple factors contribute.

Understanding What To Expect

As you take Delta 8, you might find that your experience differs from what others have enjoyed. In response, it would be best to look at the different aspects of the Delta 8 you are currently experiencing to see why, and if you may want to make a change.

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