As cannabis-based products become more popular, cultivators are working to match their product offerings with the ever-evolving demand. They seek to offer new types of products and effects. They even go so far as to combine different cannabinoids in order to provide new benefits to the user. That said, you might find that some companies combine Delta 8 with CBN instead of the more well-known CBD. There are actually benefits to this combination that help the user with more than one might think.

Let’s look into why Delta 8 and CBN is a good combination.

Delta 8 With CBN: An Explanation of the Two

Before we get into the perks of combining the two, let’s look into the descriptions of the two, so that it is clear what is being discussed. 

First, we’ll look into Delta 8 and what it is. Delta 8 is cannabinoid that is typically derived from hemp. It differs from the more traditional Delta 9 first. This is because, in the chain of carbons that help to make it up, it has its double bond between the eighth pair instead of the ninth. Additionally, Delta 8 typically has less severe adverse side effects when compared to Delta 9 while providing the user with plenty of benefits.

CBN, or Cannabinol, on the other hand, is another cannabinoid, but it tends to work poorly by itself. Instead, most of its effects come from being a part of the entourage effect. With this, its effects are unlocked, making the overall product have stronger effects.

Delta 8 With CBN: Connection With Each Other

There are some connections between the two cannabinoids even without the entourage effect. As already mentioned, they both come from cannabis originally. Additionally, THC eventually becomes CBN as it oxidizes. When this happens, the effects begin to become weaker and less effective as CBN rarely has significant effects on its own.

Delta 8 With CBN: Why Make the Combo

The benefits that come from making the aforementioned combination come as a result of the Entourage Effect. CBN, especially, has been reported to be a big help to falling asleep and staying asleep. As such, when combining this with Delta 8, it helps to add this insomnia relief to the soothing effects of the overall product. This makes it so that the user will enjoy more benefits for targeted nighttime relief.

Enjoy the Combo

As cultivators and manufacturers create new Delta 8 and cannabis-based products, they will seek to make ones that offer new benefits. Each of these products can contain a number of different cannabinoids to offer these benefits.

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