With all of the Delta 8 products on the market, people have obviously developed preferences for specific types. Some people prefer carts, or cartridges, that go along with vape products. Others, however, prefer distillates and oils. There are even those that prefer to switch between their different Delta 8 products. While there is no “right way” to enjoy Delta 8 products, since each of them have their own pros and cons, there are times and places where some will be better suited than others. Now, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of both carts and distillates as well as when they are best able to be enjoyed.

Carts and Distillates: the Pros

For cartridges/vapes, the benefits focus around how easily it can be used. Cartridges can be just pulled out and used without any prior preparation. Additionally, they can be easily either refilled or replaced. They also have the benefit of affecting the user more quickly than most of the other ways to enjoy Delta 8. Cartridges also offer more flavors than any other type of Delta 8 product.

On the other hand, distillates come with their own set of benefits as well. Firstly, distillates, and oils in general, are able to be enjoyed in far more ways than any other type of Delta 8 product. How a person uses the distillate will affect how quickly they will feel the effects. Depending on whether they are 1) as an edible 2) dabbed 3) DIY carts. Each will affect the speed that the effects occur. Also, DIY carts might take a bit of time, but they can allow people to save . There are also other factors that affect how quickly these affect people.

Carts and Distillates: the Cons

When it comes to cartridges and vapes, there are a few cons to go along with their benefits. Firstly, in order to use cartridges, users can only use it one specific way. Also, because they require vaping, it is very restricted about where they are allowed. Basically, if a place says they don’t allow smoking, then they likely won’t allow vaping either. Also, people may not appreciate someone vaping in crowded places.

On the distillates side of things, users enjoying them will have to prepare them before use. For instance, some distillates will be sold in jars and need to be added to 1) food 2) tinctures  3) DIY carts before being used. Be aware that while DIY carts save money, they do require more time than the others. Also, distillates don’t have flavors on their own. They need to have terpenes added to give them the flavor.

Carts and Distillates: Times to Enjoy

When you are taking carts, these are the easiest to carry around and enjoy in most places. However, as mentioned earlier, there are public places that will restrict whether or not can be used. You can easily use it at home and in public, provided the area isn’t restricted.

In terms of using distillates, users will have a bit more trouble taking this into public places and using it because of the general size of their containers. In fact, if they try to dab in public, then they will, in all likelihood, find it impossible. However, edibles could be easily enjoyed in public. As such, it would depend on where, when, and how you plan to use the distillate before you can decide on the best time to enjoy it. This is provided you’ve taken the time to make it just right. 

Make Your Choice

As people decide on which type of Delta 8 product they wish to enjoy, they’ll need to take into consideration the pros and cons of each type. That way, they will be better able to decide which one will best suit their respective situation.

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