Newcomers to cannabis products will soon find themselves looking through a number of terms that seem to conflict with each other. As such, they will have to learn what each of these terms mean. One of the most common terms that newcomers would have to learn is a cart. This goes along with the various vape products many cannabis sellers offer to go along with the different strains they sell.

What is a Cart?

A cart is a shortened version of the term cartridge. They can also be referred to as a vape. A cart/cartridge can be used to refer to a number of different things. It will depend on the types of products that the speaker is referring to. For the disposable cartridges, it can be used to refer to the entire product, specifically everything from the oil container to the pen. On the other hand, for the refillable pens, the oil container is what people usually refer to as the “cartridge,” but the entire pen can also be referred to as a vape.

Pen vs Battery

When it comes to understanding the difference between the terms of pens and batteries, it is a bit more straightforward than the “cart” discussion. Pens are the terms for the entire vape product. However, it can also be used to describe everything but the part that doesn’t hold the oil. A battery, on the other hand, is the actual battery that is used to power the entire vape product. A few people, however, also use the term “battery” to refer to the entire pen.

Oil vs Distillate

Distillates and oils are other terms that some people have difficulty understanding the differences between them. Distillates and oils are generally considered interchangeable. They both come with high amounts of pure cannabinoids. It is possible to add terpenes to distillates and oils, though these are usually referred to as sauces.

Learn the Terms

As newcomers continue to jump into the cannabis products, it is important for them to learn the terminology that goes along with it. Understanding the terminology is crucial in order to know which product a customer is needing. It would also help to prevent them from purchasing duplicate products.

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