As more people continue to look more into giving Delta 8 a try, they might want to look into the different types of products to see what suits their interests. Tinctures are one of the most popular types of products on the market. Their popularity comes from a number of different reasons, but one of them is that consumers can use tinctures in a number of different ways. They can be directly ingested, added to food or drinks, or used in DIY projects in order to make a new product. If people want to try mixing Delta 8 tinctures with their food and drinks, they might wonder what drinks work best with their tinctures.

Mixing Delta 8 Tinctures with Coffee

One of the options that have been used for the longest periods of time is coffee. The combination of using cannabis tinctures and coffee even has a nickname: Seattle Speedball. Caffeine helps by offsetting any drowsy effects that the tinctures might cause. On the other hand, the caffeine could also augment any energizing effects that the tinctures cause. Potential users would be aware that different mixtures of tinctures will have different effects. For example, a mixture of Delta8 and CBN will result in greater relaxation, so the drowsiness could be enhanced.

Mixing Delta 8 Tinctures with Tea

Similarly to using coffee, tea also contains caffeine, so many of the same connections will occur with this combination as well. Additionally, the different types of tea will offer their own combinations with the Delta 8 tinctures. For example, people can use ginger and mint teas for digestion, chamomile for sleep, and black tea for energy and alertness. 

Mixing Delta 8 Tinctures with Milkshakes

As opposed to the caffeine-infused options, this one works with Delta 8 tinctures in a different way. The flavor will help to block the Delta 8 taste if it isn’t the user’s preference. The thicker consistency will help the oil of the tinctures mix together with the milkshake.

Mixing Delta 8 Tinctures with Soft Drinks

Like with the other caffeine-infused drinks, the soft drinks will amplify the tinctures’ effects. Plus, with soft drinks’ sweet taste, they will offset the more tangy taste of the tinctures.

Knock One Back

If anyone is looking for something good to mix with their tinctures, these drinks are certainly going to offer that great combination. It doesn’t matter if the consumers prefer cold or hot drinks. The tinctures will work with the drinks. There are certainly other drinks that can work well with the tinctures, but these will be the most popular and best choices.

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