As people start taking cannabis products for the first time, they will learn that there are terms that they will need to know. Specifically, they will learn about the likes of terpenes, especially if they make some DIY projects. These terpenes, like the cannabis strains, can be divided between energizing and sedating ones. Be aware that, although some sellers refer to certain terpenes as “sativa” or “indica,” they don’t fit neatly in either category. In fact, each strain has different amounts of specific terpenes resulting in their effects and flavors being different as well. As such, it is the terpenes that define whether or not a strain is more relaxing indica effects or more energizing sativa effects.

Now, let’s take a look at the differences between these terpenes and see what they offer.

Energizing Terpene Effects

The first energizing terpene to learn about is pinene. This terpene works as an anti-inflammatory. Researchers have reported it to help with improving short-term memory loss and preventing tumor cells from metastasizing. Past users have also reported to help with conditions like asthma.

Next, there’s the terpene called limonene, which offers a lemony, citrusy aroma. This is because it typically comes from fruits. Supposedly, past users reported that it helped with depression and anxiety, providing an uplifting effect. Additionally, it can help to treat inflammation and prevent cancer cells from proliferating.

The next terpene to learn about is caryophyllene or β-caryophyllene that shares many of another terpene, humulene. It has a woody aroma and is typically found in black pepper. Like the previously mentioned terpenes, it offers anti-inflammatory properties. Past users have used it to treat duodenal ulcers and has even played a role in reducing alcohol intake in mice.

Sedating Terpene Effects

When it comes to sedating terpenes, the most commonly cannabis-based one is myrcene. It has a reportedly strong sedative effect. Researchers have found it to be a potential muscle relaxant, potentially working with THC to produce a couch-lock through the entourage effect. It also offers a powerful pain relieving effect.

The next terpene is terpineol. While offering a strong sedative effect, most cultivators use terpineol for its flowery scent. As a result, people commonly use it in aromatherapy.

Typically found in lavender, the next terpene, linalool, can also be found in cannabis plants. Researchers report that it helps to reduce seizures. The terpenes also have a therapeutic effect by reportedly helping in treating depression, anxiety, and stress.


Cultivators of the popular sativa strain, Green Crack, reported it has large amounts of two variations of the terpene, pinene. Having large amounts of this terpene is what leads to its reported energizing effects. At the same time, β-Caryophyllene, a terpene known for its calming effects, and δ-Limonene, one that reduces stress, are both found in large amounts in Sunset Sherbet.

Not every strain has information on the terpene compounds in this level of detail. Most companies, like Reefer’s Bay, sell premixed blends of terpenes and let the consumer know the tastes and effects rather than the detailed makeup of compounds. This helps to make sure the information is accessible to all users, and not just the ones who have studied articles like this one.

Understanding the Uses

There are more terpenes available, but cultivators most commonly use these ones for a number of purposes. The terpenes can bring a number of benefits to whatever purposes it is needed. They make great additions to people’s DIY products, offering flavors, aromas, and other benefits.

As such, it is important to learn the specific terpene effects so that creators can pinpoint their use to their purpose. So, if you are planning to do a DIY project, then you should consider adding terpenes to give an extra bonus. After all, the terpenes offer unique flavors and effects to the strains they are added to.
If you plan to look into some terpenes, then visit Reefer’s Bay where seven of mixed terpene flavors and strains are available.

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