When it comes to using cannabis-based products, you will notice that there is a list of cannabinoids connected with each product. Each of these chemicals offer different effects to the user. However, these chemicals and their corresponding effects interact with each other in different ways. This interaction is the Entourage Effect.

Now, let’s look into what exactly makes up this effect.

Entourage Effect: A Definition

As mentioned before, the entourage effect is connected to the interaction between the different chemicals and their effects. When someone uses a cannabis product, they take in hundreds of botanical compounds which allows them to enjoy the different effects they offer. However, these chemicals interact with one another and, as a result, vary in terms of effects and their potencies.

For example, a strain with a combination of CBD and THC offers a higher feeling of pain relief to the user.

Entourage Effect: Other Combination Options

The effect also involves the combination of cannabinoids, like THC, and terpenes. It has been reported that terpenes interact with the cannabinoids helping to alter their effects and potency. For example, imagine a strain that has a combination of THC and terpenes, like myrcene and caryophyllene. It can offer the user help with getting some sleep while also addressing their pain and inflammation.

Know the Effects, Know What to Look For

As people make more strains of cannabis-based products, they will continue to take advantage of the entourage effect. With each new strain, you will enjoy new flavors and effects made from the combinations.

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