One of the popular activities to do while on Delta 8 is to watch a movie, but there can be some difficulties when choosing which one to watch. After all, some of us have trouble choosing what movie to watch just when we’re just going to kick back and relax. Well, when choosing one to enjoy while on Delta 8, there are definitely some that you’ll want to avoid. Granted, these aren’t the ones that are just bad to watch to begin with, but they are the worst movies to watch while on Delta 8.

Worst Movies Choice #1: Inception and Tenet

So, the first one is actually two movies that both take the top spot because of the same basic reason. The main reason is that both of the movies can be pretty difficult to follow. Even when you aren’t under the influence of Delta 8, these movies can be so convoluted and confusing that the mere attempt to follow the story can invoke a migraine. Nevermind trying to follow them while under the influence of Delta 8. Even choosing a strain that advertises help with focus will require you to have a flowchart in order to follow along. As I am writing this, despite having seen these movies multiple times, I cannot accurately describe the plot of either movie.

Worst Movies Choice #2: The Adjustment Bureau

A decent movie overall, but when you are already enjoying the effects of Delta 8, it can be a bit of a challenge. For those not familiar with the movie, the movie focuses on the life of a man having to deal with the actions of a secret organization, whose members have godlike abilities to alter the course of events in various peoples’ lives. Those taking Delta 8 will find that it doesn’t cause paranoia like with Delta 9. That said, the Delta 8 strains can cause your mind to wander and pretty soon you might start to consider whether or not it’s real. Plenty of people have wondered this even without the help of Delta 8.

Worst Movies Choice #3: Halloween

The Halloween remake/sequel takes the third place spot. Continuing to follow the bloody actions of Michael Myers, the movie retcons all but the very first Halloween movie. The movie follows Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode as she tries to protect her family when the silent killer escapes from prison. There are a lot of supernatural-related aspects appearing in this one, though they tend to be subtle. While the Delta 8 strains don’t cause the paranoia that delta 9 has been known for, seeing Michael Myers suddenly appear in a closet and take out the babysitter and her boyfriend might still cause that effect. In fact, just try not to think about it when you’re trying to sleep that night. This is especially bad if the Delta 8 focus strains have locked that scene in your memory.

Worst Movies Choice #4: Lord of the Rings

Thanks to the movies’ occasional slow pace and very long runtimes, they might be a series to avoid unless you’re a big Tolkien fan. This is especially the case when you are taking the Delta 8 strains that are advertised to help with soothing or sleepy effects. With the right strain and the right timing of the movie, you could be snoozing before they reach Bree.

Worst Movies Choice #5: Twilight

Don’t. Just don’t do that to yourself. The series is basically about a vampire and a moody teenage girl trying to find some way to make their cringy, “will they, won’t they” relationship happen. Seriously, the movies lack horror or action aspects and the romantic aspects are cringe worthy even without Delta 8. Not to mention, that the whole thing seems to see comedy as a foreign concept. With Delta 8 in your system, you’ll likely be asleep before the first uncomfortable gaze between Bella and Edward.

Avoid and Enjoy

When looking to enjoy some Delta 8, there are some movies that you could enjoy along with it. Unfortunately, these movies aren’t the ones to watch for this purpose. For different reasons, these don’t add more to the experience of enjoying Delta 8 and, as such, should probably be avoided for this purpose.

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