Sometimes when you’re just enjoying your Delta 8, you might feel the munchies coming on, making your stomach growl in defiance. When that happens, you might decide it’s time to raid the kitchen for a little something. In your search, you might want to look for a little snack that’s not a belly buster while still filling you up enough to get through it. Luckily, there are plenty of easy options munchies snacks that can be on-hand without needing to cook or microwave anything.

Now, let’s take a look at some options to see what might suit your tastes.

Munchies Snacks #1: Peanut butter and jelly Sandwich

The first option is the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Not only is this one really easy and quick to make, a single sandwich will be enough to fill most people up. There’s also the fact that with the sweet taste of the jelly combining with the nuttiness of the peanut butter, you won’t be thinking about much else while under the influence of the Delta 8. There’s also the fact that, as opposed to any junk food you might first reach for, this option even has a health benefit.

Munchies Snacks #2: Cheez-its/Goldfish

These crunchy, cheesy snacks take the second place spot by being easy to enjoy, since you just open the bag and start digging in. Not to mention, they are not overly unhealthy provided you don’t drain the whole bag of the snack. With the salty and cheesy combo that these snacks offer, you’ll be able to just ride the waves of the munchies.

Munchies Snacks #3: Pretzels

Another healthy-ish option, pretzels can fill you up pretty quick, especially since no one can just eat one when dealing with the munchies. This one takes the number three spot because while it offers that yummy salty taste and is somewhat healthy, that’s all it offers in terms of flavor.

Munchies Snacks #4: Trail Mix

To add a bit of variety, you could grab a bag of trail mix. These come with all manner of items mixed in including nuts of all sizes, small candies, and assorted other snacks. You’ll certainly get variety out of this one. However, the brand you go for will change what you can expect in the bag. On the plus side, it offers so few calories that you could pig out of these without much worry of crushing your bathroom scale.

Munchies Snacks #5: Cereal

Ah, the classic choice: cereal. It can work with just about any brand out there. A bowl of cereal can certainly fill you up enough to get through the munchies. However, just make sure you remember to buy milk before you need it! After all, no one wants to eat plain, dry cereal. Also, you may want to avoid the Lucky Charms and stick to something like Cheerios if you’re looking for something to munch on. Those marshmallows may be tasty, but they aren’t exactly good for you!

Enjoy Your Treat

These might not be the choices that you would prefer and there are certainly other ones that you can choose from. These options are the ones that we suggest best. These ones here are cheap, easy to make, and will still fill you up. So, the next time you’ve got the munchies feel free to reach for these ones and you won’t go wrong!

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