When it comes to the many Delta 8 strains that are available, people have differing tastes, looking to enjoy specific effects, flavors, and aromas. Even those that sound like something unpleasant have garnered their own fanbase. Some strains are reported as having a “skunky” flavor or aroma and, despite its unpleasant-sounding description, more than a few people have started seeking them out. Not surprisingly, each of these strains offer plenty of other effects and benefits. As such, there are a few that have been found to stand above the others. Now, let’s take a look at these top 3 skunky Delta 8 strains.

Skunky Delta 8 Strain #1: Cali-O

This evenly-distributed hybrid is one of the most popular skunky Delta 8 strains. In addition to the skunky flavor, the strain offers an additional citrusy, sweet orange flavor. It offers a number of beneficial effects, including relaxing and calming effects mixed with feelings of uplifting euphoria, creativity, and focus. 

All of these make it a great choice for anyone looking for a good weekend strain.

Skunky Delta 8 Strain #2: SFV OG

A popular sativa strain from the San Fernando Valley, it doesn’t offer the same wide variety of effects as Cali-O. However, there are still plenty to make it very popular among skunky Delta 8 fans. It offers a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. At the same time, it offers boosts of creativity and focus. More importantly, in addition to the skunky flavor, SFV OG offers a mix of lemon, pine, and sweet.

Skunky Delta 8 Strain #3: Remedy OG

Finally, the third skunky Delta 8 strain that is well-liked among fans is Remedy OG. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that doesn’t offer the wide range of effects as the previous two strains. It offers feelings of relaxation and sleepiness to anyone using it. In addition to the skunky flavor, the strain offers a diesel-y and earthy flavor to go with it.

Take Your Pick and Bring Nose Plugs

Each of these strains are great picks for anyone looking for that skunky flavor and aroma, offering their own effects to enjoy as well. That said, anyone using it might want to avoid doing it around others since they might not appreciate the smell.

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