So, here we are still cooped up inside to social distance from home for the second year in response to the COVID pandemic. It’s a great thing to do your part to keep your community healthy, but it can be pretty boring to have to go through it by yourself. Luckily, there are some sativa strains that can make it a bit easier to go through. As such, in order to find the best sativa strains to suit your interests, you’ll want to look into these choices first.

Sativa Strains #1: Sour Tangie (CDT)

This strain is the best choice because it first offers an energizing effect to go along with the combination of uplifting and euphoria. Also, this strain offers a boost to your creativity, meaning anything around the house you have been putting off could accomplish pretty easily. Maybe that video game you are working on or maybe that painting you are having trouble finishing could be finished with the strain’s help. It could also be a good choice to take a walk around the neighborhood to stay active.

Sativa Strains #2: SFV OG (CDT)

The SFV OG strain offers you a boost to creativity and focus while also offering a combination of happy and euphoric sensations.This is certainly a great choice for when you are doing an artistic project while you’re social distancing from home. If you want to finish that book or puzzle that’s been unfinished, then this strain will certainly help you focus on it while helping you work through any creative blocks you might be dealing with.

Sativa Strains #3: Snowman (CDT)

The third choice, Snowman (CDT), offers another combination to your boost  to your creativity and focus. It also offers a mix of happy and euphoric feelings while also offering a relaxing feeling. These effects make the strain the best choice for when you are trying to finish decorating your apartment or take that perfect photo.

Make Your Choice

When deciding on sativa strains to enjoy while you’re social distancing at home, these are definitely the best ones to choose from. They will help you get the most out of your time social distancing.

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