When it comes to the enjoyment of the different vapes, you might be craving that more traditional cannabis taste. Luckily, even if you prefer the effects of Delta 8, you can still find something to satisfy that particular flavor. Specifically, consumers might be on the lookout for CDT, or cannabis-derived terpenes, products and, luckily, Reefer’s Bay offers a number of different options to choose from. So, let’s take a look at the top three options of Reefer’s bay CDTs.

What Are CDTs?

For clarification, CDTs, or cannabis-derived terpenes, are organic molecules that occur naturally in plants, specifically cannabis plants. They are what help to give the finished product an improved aroma and flavor. Through the use of the entourage effect, the terpenes can also work with each other to provide more effects than what they would normally offer.

Top 3 Reefer’s Bay CDTs

  1. Medellin: This strain has been shown to have a skunky, diesel flavor that is typically compared to traditional cannabis. It is a sativa strain that offers boosts to both focus and relaxation to go along with their weed-esque taste.
  2. Snow Montana: This indica strain offers more plant-based flavors, like pine and sage, to go along with the sweet and diesel parts. It offers a number of different effects on top of the flavor, including a sleepy, calming sensation, an uplifting sense of euphoria, and a boost to creativity.
  3. Lions Mane: Like with Snow Montana, this sativa strain offers a more plant-based flavor. It has been reported to taste flowery and earthy with a mix of sour and spice. It offers an energizing sense of euphoria while offering a boost to both creativity and focus.

Make Your Choice

When deciding on a good CDT strain, these are the top three that we recommend you choose from. They each not only offer a flavor similar to traditional cannabis products, they also can help boost and shape the feel of Delta 8. However, you will be able to choose others if these do not match your particular taste. Luckily, Reefer’s Bay offers even more options of CDT strains beyond these three.

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