So, here we are stuck in the second year of the COVID pandemic and many of us are still unfortunately getting trapped inside for social distancing.  We applaud you for doing your part to keep the world safe, and want to give you some ideas as to how you can make social distancing more comfortable. As such, you might want to look for some Delta 8 indica strains to enjoy while you’re stuck social distancing. So, in order to find the best indica strain for your needs, you’ll want to look for these choices.

Indica Strains #1: Granddaddy Pluto (CDT)

The first option of an indica strain to enjoy while social distanced is the very popular Granddaddy Pluto. It offers a combination of an euphoric and uplifting sensation. This will help you deal with the stress of being cooped up indoors for long periods of time. Additionally, it offers a sense of relaxation to help you kick back and enjoy a good book. It also offers a slight tingling sensation to make your time at least a little more enjoyable.

Indica Strains #2: Northern Lights (CDT)

Like the number one choice, Northern Lights offers a combined euphoric and uplifting sensation. It also offers a relaxing feeling to help deal with the stress of social distancing. Additionally, it offers a sleepy effect to help you just nap the isolation hours away.

Indica Strain #3: Pink Rozay (CDT)

The final choice to enjoy while going through social distancing is Pink Rozay (CDT). Like with the previous two, the Snowman strain offers a combined euphoric and uplifting sensation. It also offers a feeling of relaxation to help you just enjoy the alone time. This strain also offers a tingly sensation. All of this makes it a great choice to kick back and relax while enjoying a good movie or video game.

Enjoy Well and Stay Safe

While there are plenty of good indica options to choose from in order to make social distancing a little more enjoyable, these three indica strains are certainly some of the best options. They each will help you to relax and enjoy the time you’re stuck indoors.

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