When people decide to start branching out on their enjoyment of cannabis and Delta 8, they might decide to start making some DIY products. Should this happen, potential DIY-ers need to learn a whole new list of terminology to understand what they need to do. One of these terms is a terpene. Granted, terpenes, along with a few other DIY terms, pop up in premade products as well. However, by understanding what they are, future DIY-ers will better understand their importance and, therefore, why they need to be added to their homemade Delta 8.

Understanding the Origin of the Terpene

The first thing people should understand about terpenes is their origins. Terpenes are oils and compounds that cultivators take from plants. Cultivators can take them from cannabis plants (cannabis-derived terpenes). They can also be taken from many other plants (botanical-derived terpenes). These are what drive tastes and smells in the botanical world. Once they are taken from the plants, manufacturers then add these oils to the cannabis product in order to provide a flavor or aroma associated with the terpenes’ original plant.

Understanding the Use of the Terpene

When it comes to the use of a terpene, it does more than just make the end product taste or smell the way the creator wants it to. Researchers studying cannabis have also found that the terpenes provide many of the same benefits that cannabinoids do. This would help with the entourage effect, making it medicinally useful as well as recreationally enjoyable.

Understanding the Debate Around Terpene Origins

At current time, there are debates around whether cannabis-derived terpenes or botanical-derived terpenes are better than the other. Some will claim one offers more benefits than the other and some will argue the opposite is true. At this time, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to show which side is right. As such, it would be best to try both versions yourself and decide for yourself.

Answering the Question

While people might debate about which origin of terpenes is superior, they can all agree that terpenes as a whole are a worthy inclusion to Delta 8 products. While they aren’t necessary, they offer plenty of reasons to add them. They not only improve both aroma and flavor, but also contribute to the entourage effect as well. That is why any DIY-er should be sure to add these to their concoction and enjoy the results.

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