Sometimes when someone needs to just enjoy a good bit of relaxation, they need a bit of help to do so. Luckily, there are plenty of vape strains that can help with that and not least of which is the strain Sour Tangie. DNA Genetics has created this one through using two well known strains. The resulting strain has a moderate to very high THC that gives it a potent sativa effect.

Making Sour Tangie

The strain was created by DNA Genetics from a combination of the east coast strain, Sour Diesel, and the cult favorite, Tangie. The resulting THC content ranges from 15% to 30%. The strain that came from the hybridization of is extremely sativa dominant, separating in an 80%/20% split.

Perks of Enjoying Sour Tangie

There are more than a few benefits of using the Sour Tangie strain. The major aspect people talk about in regards to this strain is its energizing effect. It has been reported to give users a powerful surge of energy, making it a great choice for early morning or afternoon usage. The strain also provides relief from chronic pain and headaches.

Users will find the strain gives them a boost to their mood. This makes it a great choice for dealing with the feelings of depression. The strain can also relax the user, which helps to treat their feelings of stress and anxiety. It gives the user a mental buzz that offers the user a boost of motivation and focus. This makes it a popular choice for anyone trying to do more open-ended creative projects. Additionally, anyone dealing with attention deficit disorders will find the strain very helpful.

Downsides of Sour Tangie

There are some drawbacks to using this strain. It is very possible that the strain will have a very high THC level. This would make it very potent and potentially overwhelming for the more novice users. Granted, the Delta 8 version of the strain will be less potent than the Delta 9 version, but it could still be too much for the newcomers.

Additionally, it won’t be much help if the user is trying to find some help with insomnia. Thanks to its energizing effects, people taking it will likely not be able to get to sleep while under the influence of it.

Choosing the Treat

When it comes to choosing a great vape strain in order to get that jolt you need to get through the day, Sour Tangie is definitely one of the strains you should reach for. Between its energizing effects and the additional perks that come from taking it, anyone using it will be able to seize the day.

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