There comes a time when you will need to take a break from your cannabis products in order to let your tolerance decline again. Doing so will let you enjoy the effects of the different products that you might enjoy. However, this is easier said than done as it can be difficult to maintain your break if you have been using even the milder Delta 8 regularly. Luckily, there are some tolerance break activities that you can enjoy in order to make this process as pleasant as possible. These activities can offer a good way to distract yourself from ending the break too soon.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the activities that can help distract you from scratching the proverbial itch, as well as some tips for taking a break.

Tolerance Break Activities: Strategies

We have already discussed in a previous article why you should take a tolerance break, but now let’s discuss some strategies to follow. The first thing that you will need to know when you are taking a break is that going in with a strategy will be a great help to accomplish this. You will be taking a break from something that has likely become routine, so you will need to unlearn your routines.

You can accomplish this by making a plan to decide how long the break will be and ways to distract yourself from going back into your routine. Finding ways to remind yourself as to why you are taking the break will be a big help towards this as well. Another great way to help with this is to find some way to reward yourself for keeping to the break. With the extra money from not purchasing your usual cannabis products, you could even buy yourself something as a treat or reward.

Tolerance Break Activities: Distractions

As we’ve already mentioned, finding ways to distract yourself from your cannabis routine while trying to do a tolerance break is crucial. Keeping busy is one of the best ways to accomplish this. You could watch a movie or tv show. You could go exercise or learn an instrument. Play video games or do some yoga. Basically, you just need to fill the time you usually use to take cannabis with something else. 

It would probably be best to find something you don’t usually do while enjoying cannabis products. For example, if there is a movie or television show you watch while under the influence of Delta 8, then you may want to avoid it.

Tolerance Break Activities: An Alternative

You could even try taking CBD products instead of Delta 8 for a while. CBD has been reported to have no effects beyond the medicinal benefits it offers. Its psychoactive effects have been reported to be nonexistent when compared to even the milder Delta 8, making it a suitable alternative when someone is taking a break from the Delta 8.

Gimme A Break

It is important to take a break from Delta 8 after a while, especially if the effects start to offer diminishing returns. When taking this break, you need to make a plan to distract yourself from falling back into your routine. Basically, anything you can find to fill your day with something other than taking Delta 8 will work, so long as it gets your mind onto something else.

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