One of the industry leaders of Delta 8, 3Chi, has been adding more to their already impressive list of products. Between introducing new cannabinoids and disposable vapes and new versions of popular strains, they are quickly touching on every part of the market. One of these new products is a new blend of their popular Snowman strain. Where before it was solely a Delta 8 strain, it has now been blended to add some additional cannabinoids into the mix, most notably THCv.

What Does THCv Mean?

For the uninitiated, THCv is a cannabinoid that has steadily been gaining popularity among users. It offers all manner of effects to go along with the enjoyable tastes and aromas. It can provide boosts to energy and motivation while also offering sensations of euphoria. Users have also reported the cannabinoid suppressing their appetite.

What is the New Cartridge Made Of?

While it might not seem like it based on the way it is being described, Delta 8 is still the main ingredient of this vape strain. However, it makes up about 75 percent of the strain. The THCv makes up about ten percent, with 95 percent of that being Delta 8 THCv and a mere five percent being Delta 9 THCv. About ten percent more of the strain is the cannabinoid CBC. The remaining less than one percent is made up of the cannabinoids CBT and CBD.

Enjoying the Effects of Snowman THCv Vape

Thanks to the combined efforts of Delta 8 and THCv, most users will enjoy a feeling of euphoria and boost their creativity and mood. CBD will help to relax them, letting them just kick back while under the effects of the strain. CBC and CBT, however, while providing minor effects, show their true potential by helping to improve the entourage effect. This ensures that the cannabinoids work together to provide their individual effects while also improving the effects of others.

Savoring the Taste of Snowman THCv Vape

The effects aren’t the only enjoyable part of the vape strain. It also has a great flavor of spicy and sweet herbal vanilla with a bit of diesel mixed in.

Enjoy the Snowfall

Thanks to this new blend, consumers will be able to enjoy the flavor and aroma usually associated with the Snowman strain. At the same time, they will also be getting some new effects thanks to the addition of the new cannabinoids.

If you would like to give it or other strains a try, then visit 3Chi where there are plenty available for purchase.

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