With consumers having plenty of choices for some great Delta 8, most are willing and able to tell other customers about the most trustworthy brands. In past articles, we discussed that there are a few signs of ways to know if a brand is reliable. That said, we didn’t discuss everything an unreliable Delta 8 brand might try to pull. Some of it can be translated from the reliable list, but there are certainly more for people to watch out for.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the signs of these bad choices.

An Unreliable Delta 8 Brand Doesn’t Test

The first sign that you should always look for is the first sign we told you to look for when trying to find a good brand: lab testing. The trustworthy brands will show the lab test results in their website information if they are an online seller. In addition, all reputable products will provide QR codes to use. The bad brands will either not provide lab test results for their products, only claiming to have them done, or not have lab tests done at all. Either way, if that happens, there should be a big red flag shooting up.

An Unreliable Delta 8 Brand Might Try Counterfeiting

This one will only be something to worry about if you are buying from a third party vendor. Certain less reputable sellers will try to pass off fake versions of reputable brands as their own. Typically, this only happens with online sellers. That said, if you don’t think you can trust the seller, then nope out of there. Purchasing from the company website is a great way to avoid this. If a third party vendor is offering a known brand at a significantly lower price than normal, then a mile high red flag should be raised.

An Unreliable Delta 8 Brand Might Have Dangerous Ingredients

Any company that has harmful additives in their product should be avoided at all costs. Many of these, even if they soundly like they’d be healthy, like Vitamin E acetate, can be very detrimental to your health.

Trust Your Instincts

The rule of thumb for avoiding bad brands is to trust your instincts and be patient. If a seller looks sketchy, then it probably is. In-person vape stores will likely be okay and the same with manufacturers. However, you look into them first. You could always ask a vape store to carry your preferred brand, as well. They are likely just as enthusiastic as you are about finding quality products. Online third-person vendors, however, need to be closely scrutinized before you give them a try. Additionally, in-person sellers who aren’t focused on selling this type of product, like gas stations, should probably be avoided as well. Granted, this is only if the brands they sell are not known to be reputable. Just do some quick google searching to learn a bit about the seller or product and you should be okay.

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