As the spooky season starts and the ghosts and goblins start to come out, some users of Delta 8 vapes have started to enjoy the scary attractions that pop up this time of year. However, some of these consumers have started to wonder if using these vapes would go well with going into the haunted house attractions. After all, the traditional Delta 9 products have a nasty reputation of potentially causing anxiety and panic attacks in certain situations. That could cause going to a haunted house to be a very stressful and not nearly as enjoyable experience. So, the users could wonder if Delta 8 can cause the same effects.

Should I Vape Delta 8 Before Going to a Haunted House?

When it comes to deciding whether or not to vape Delta 8 before going to a haunted house, the answer is that it depends. Those familiar with haunted houses and prefer to go to them for a laugh could enjoy a Delta 8 vape before going. However, those going to the attractions for the horror aspects might want to avoid doing so. This is because it could ruin the experience. 


There are some alternatives that can be enjoyed if users would like to take some Delta 8 before visiting a haunted house. Taking an edible would allow the effects to kick in once they’ve gone through the attraction. They usually take about 30 to 60 minutes to kick in. Another alternative that fans of haunted houses could follow is by finding one not as scary. They could even find a different activity entirely. Another potential option would be simply waiting until after visiting the haunted house. Some have reported that Delta 8 can help to relax or calm down.

Haunted by Indecision

While haunted houses can be fun, providing that bit of fear and excitement, vaping some Delta 8 before visiting one could be a bad idea. If the user isn’t already a fan of haunted houses and other scary attractions, then vaping Delta 8 beforehand could ruin the experience. As such, finding an alternative could be a good benefit to these users.

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