Sometimes, after a long day, you might want to just relax and enjoy something soothing. If that is the case, then Pink Rozay might be just the strain for you. It is a heavy indica-dominant strain that will drain your tired body of its stresses.

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then let’s get into what you might expect from this strain.

How Pink Rozay Came to Be

The Pink Rozay strain came about from the hybridization of Lemonchello #10 and Lemon Pound Cake #75. As it was mentioned, it is a heavy indica dominant strain with a split of 80/20. The resulting THC content is usually around 17%.

Benefits of Pink Rozay

This strain is one that is enjoyed by both recreational and medicinal users because of its relaxing properties. It will give the user a mental high while relaxing the body, giving the user an uplifting feeling that helps to relieve chronic fatigue. It also offers the relief of chronic pain as well, be it muscle, skeletal, or nerve conditions.

Pink Rozay’s relaxing and uplifting effect also allows the user to find relief from a number of mental ailments, including stress and depression.

Warnings About Pink Rozay

The biggest issue in regards to this strain is the high THC level. Because of the potency, it is best enjoyed by users that have developed a high THC tolerance. Another aspect to be made aware of about this product is that some have reported that it has a strong sleep-inducing effect, while others have stated that it merely makes them feel very relaxed, but not sleepy. As such, it may be best not to try this strain if you are hoping for sleep aid.

Enjoying Your Treat

If you want to just let the stress of the day float away, then you might want to try using this strain. If you are a novice when it comes to these products, however, be warned that this strain is very potent. It can help with any number of ailments, but only if you are able to handle it.

If you would like to give this strain a try, then you can find it here!

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