Sometimes a person would rather just enjoy a bit of relaxation and take in whatever thoughts come to them. Northern Lights hits the user with a body high hard and quickly, making it a great choice for late in the day. The strain is so popular that it has earned attention from many users.

Now, let’s look into the aspects of this strain so you can decide if this one’s for you.

Creating the Northern Lights

As already mentioned, Northern Lights is an extremely popular strain. It has won awards to become one of the most popular Indica strains ever. It has a THC percentage range of 17%-21%, making its potency moderate. As such, it can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of whether they have developed a tolerance for THC. It was created by crossing Afghani and Thai strains.

Perks of Northern Lights

It hits the user with a powerful body high that makes them feel very sedated. Northern Lights will give a strong feeling of relaxation and calmness. This makes it easier for them to fall asleep while also getting relief from anxiety. While the Delta 8 version of the strain won’t affect the user as severely, it will still greatly diminish any desire to do physical activity.

Northern Lights will give the user pain relief. This makes it a popular choice for anyone having to deal with chronic pain. On top of the other effects, the strain gives the user a strong euphoric feeling, helping them to deal with feelings of depression.

Drawbacks of Northern Lights

The main problem with this strain is that the potency could potentially be too much for the more novice users. Again, the Delta 8 strain will affect the user less than with the Delta 9, but the user still will likely not be able to get much in the way of physical activity done. Also, higher doses could cause adverse effects.

Enjoying the Lights

The award-winning indica strain, Northern Lights, hits the user hard and fast, quickly making them sedated and relaxed. However, this sedation effect can be too much if the user has not developed enough of a tolerance for THC or if they aren’t prepared. All in all, it’s a great choice for a late day strain.

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