Many people are still looking to experiment with their Delta 8 and cannabis overall. Some are looking to mix it with other compounds. For example, some have decided to try mixing Delta 9 with Delta 8 to see if it can improve or, at least, change the sensation of it. However, some people have decided to try adding some non-cannabis-based compounds to their Delta 8. Specifically, they have started adding sunflower lecithin to their Delta 8. Some have claimed that it helps to improve the sensation, but newcomers might wonder if it actually works.

Sunflower Lecithin: A Definition

For those not familiar with it, lecithin is a term used for the yellow-brownish fatty substances that occur in animal and plant tissue. Typically, people use it in food to provide a smooth, moist texture and keep the ingredients from separating. Cultivators create sunflower lecithin through the dehydration of sunflowers and separating it into three parts. These parts include oil, gum, and solids. The gum is then processed through a cold press system. That is a way to get juice without the use of blades, heat, or oxidation.

Sunflower Lecithin: Uses

Past users have reported adding sunflower lecithin to their cannabis or Delta 8 oil. One user has claimed that adding a teaspoon to a 30 ml tincture would change the sensation. Additionally, another user has reported that it causes the dropper to taste more “earthy,” which could work for those looking for that. This same user compared the difference as being between polarized sunglasses vs non-polarized.

Sunflower Lecithin: Necessity

Some people have asked whether or not it is necessary to add some sunflower lecithin to their Delta 8. This helps them get the most out of it. No, this is not necessary because Delta 8 can still be enjoyed to the fullest without the addition. However, the sunflower lecithin is a phospholipid, meaning it is a type of fat. This is important because fats work as a good carrier for THC. This means that by adding fat substances in edibles or tinctures, people will be able to experience the effects more quickly and potentially improve them.

Taste the Sun

With people working to experiment with their Delta 8, some are looking to add some other compounds to change the sensation. Some people are even adding compounds from other plants, including sunflower lecithin. In fact, if people are looking for something to change things up while giving your tincture an “earthy” taste, then they may want to try mixing a bit in.

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