3Chi continues to add more strains to their already impressive list on offer. With the introduction of Mango Sugartart, they are adding another indica-dominant hybrid to their extensive list. However, the powerful strain is sometimes known by the name Fruit Salad. Thanks to its indica-dominant makeup, it may offer you a way to relax.

The Makeup of Mango Sugartart

Mango Sugartart is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created by the combination of three popular strains. Specifically, the cultivators of the strain made it by combining the Agent Orange, Banana Kush, and Strawberry strains. It has a reported sweet and fruity flavor with a matching aroma.

The Benefits of Mango Sugartart

This new strain offers many effects that users will enjoy. It offers a relaxing effect to go along with its sleepy sensation. It also reportedly offers an uplifting sensation. All of these make it a great choice for anyone looking to just put their feet up and enjoy the experience. The uplifting sensation can help to improve mood. At the same time, its reported relaxation effect will help to soothe feelings of fatigue. Finally, the sleepy effect that past users have reported this strain having can help to treat their insomnia.

Enjoying the Treat

When taking the Mango Sugartart strain, it will be a good idea to use it when you’re planning to just kick back and relax. It’s reported to offer a relaxing, sleepy, and uplifting sensation. As such, it would be a great choice for late day use. While Delta 8 doesn’t couch lock anyone using it, this strain would not be conducive to being very physically active, so maybe don’t use it right before going to the gym.

If you would like to give it a try, then visit 3Chi where you can find it and many others available.

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