There are many popular cannabis strains on the market, some possessing names from television shows to sweet treats to famous people connected with cannabis in some way. One of these celebrities that have been immortalized as the namesake of a popular strain is Jack Herer, the so-called Hemperor himself. It is a sativa dominant hybrid that has gained popularity throughout the years since its conception.

Getting to Know Jack Herer

As mentioned earlier, Jack Herer was known as the Emperor of Hemp or just the Hemperor. He was an American pro-Cannabis activist. He was also an author, having written the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”. Activists have used the book to promote the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. They have used the book to try and expand the industrial use of hemp.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, Jack Herer used his connection to other veterans, specifically homeless, to gather support for his cause. After writing his book, he even found a film from WWII called “Hemp for Victory” that described wartime uses for hemp. For most of his life, he worked to promote the uses of cannabis, refusing to stop even when he was arrested. He continued the fight until his death from complications of a previous heart attack.

Jack Herer was also the founder and director of HEMP or Help End Marijuana Prohibition. He is also the namesake of the Jack Herer Cup. It is held annually to honor the year’s top marijuana activist.

Learning About the Jack Herer Strain

The Jack Herer strain, as already mentioned, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its effects certainly fit the needs of a potential activist. It offers the boost to creativity that they’d need in order to make good arguments. It also offers feelings of uplifting euphoria to make sure the activist has a good outlook. That is certainly always a good thing to have when trying to get something to change. Finally, the strain makes sure they’ll have the energy to accomplish their goals by offering a boost to their energy.

Knowing the Man, Enjoying the Strain

With the man providing an example and the strain giving helpful effects, any budding activists will certainly want to look up the name Jack Herer. The strain gives that boost to creativity, mood, and energy that activists would certainly be on the lookout for. If you would like to give this strain a try, then visit 3Chi where you’ll find it available for a reasonable price.

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