As people enjoy the different cannabis products, they might decide that the flavor isn’t quite to the level they were hoping for. This can especially be the case with the tinctures that many sellers offer. However, there are some ways that people can work to improve their tincture, specifically the taste in order to make it to the type that they are looking for. Using these methods it can help to improve the flavoring of the tincture and, possibly, even more.

Tincture Taste Improvement Method #1: Terpenes

The best choice for improving the taste of tinctures, especially the DIY versions, is adding terpenes. These products allow the introduction of new flavors while also offering new effects to go along with them.

Tincture Taste Improvement Method #2: Lorann’s Flavoring Oils

A top choice among past users is to try Lorann’s Flavoring Oils. The company offers a number of different products that can help improve the taste of these tinctures. People have reported that these products are great for improving the taste of tinctures, especially the DIY tinctures that people make.

Tincture Taste Improvement Method #3: Food Grade Flavoring

Past users have also reported that adding regular food grade flavoring is another way to improve the taste. According to the past users, vanilla and mint flavoring are popular choices. However, others in the same thread have also pointed out that flavors like cinnamon and orange were also available.

Tincture Taste Improvement Method #4: Sunflower Lecithin

Another popular choice for improving the taste of tinctures is to add sunflower lecithin. This is the oil that comes from, as the name suggests, sunflowers. It is created when cultivators dehydrate a sunflower and separate it into three parts, specifically oil, gum, and solids. The past users reported that the introduction of sunflower lecithin adds an earthy taste to the tincture.

Making the Taste

When it comes to improving the taste of tinctures, there are plenty of options to choose from. From flavoring oils to sunflower lecithin, past users have plenty of different suggestions that they enjoy. As such, any DIY-ers will have plenty of good options to improve the taste of their tinctures.

When looking for some of these products, 3Chi offers plenty of options for terpenes for the use in DIY projects.

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