As you continue to enjoy some great cannabis products, you will need to start taking care of your equipment as well as staying in stock of your chosen product. What this means is that if you prefer to vape your cannabis, then you’ll need to take care of your vape pen. At the same time, if you prefer to dab your cannabis, you will need to take care of your dab rig. Because of its shape, the usual methods of cleaning glassware, like putting it in the dishwasher, won’t work. This is also the case because you don’t want to use the wrong chemicals on the equipment. So, you’ll need to follow certain methods in order to properly clean your dab rig.

Why You Should Clean Your Dab Rig

It is important to clean your rig because, after using it for a while, the rig will develop a resin buildup on the inside of the glass. However, this will happen less often than a bong, which is similar in design. This is because, unlike with a bong, a dab rig does not involve using combustion. However, the rig will develop stagnant water over time, which will allow for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Certainly, nothing you want to start pulling into your lungs.

How to Know When to Clean Your Dab Rig

Ideally, you would clean your rig between every use. Sure, its design is meant to prevent taking in harmful particulates. However, this can be further aided by properly cleaning it. There is not a specific frequency that you should clean your rig. For instance, it’s not that you should clean it every three days. However, it should be cleaned “frequently,” so you should decide what this means.

How to Clean Your Dab Rig

To clean your dab rig, you will need a few items before you start the cleaning process. These include isopropyl alcohol, coarse sea salt, a resealable bag, and q-tips. The first thing you should do is torch the nail of your rig. Despite the name, you won’t be setting it on fire. However, you will be using something like an actual torch in order to completely burn away the resin or residual carbon. Then, you will remove the nail and place it in the resealable bag. Make sure to wait until it is cooled off enough to touch. Then, pour isopropyl alcohol inside the bag with the nail. At which point, you will need to let it soak. If your nail is exceptionally dirty, then you can add coarse sea salt to the mix and shake it up.

Next, you will add alcohol and salt to the rig, though if your rig isn’t very dirty, then you’ll be able to get away with just using alcohol. While it still has the alcohol in it, shake the rig. Be sure to cover the openings with either your hands or carb caps. Finally, you’ll need to thoroughly rinse both the nail and rig with warm water. You’ll need to do so for about three minutes to make sure all of the alcohol is washed away.

Clean and Enjoy

As you continue to enjoy your dabbing, it is important to keep the rig clean to prevent the water getting stagnant. Also, cleaning the residue from the glass would help to improve the sensation and keep you from being exposed to bacteria and fungus.

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