As companies continue to offer more products, 3Chi has been adding new cannabinoids to their ever growing product lists. One of the newest offered cannabinoids is called HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol. This cannabinoid is not commonly used by most cannabis companies at this time. However, some companies, like 3Chi, have started taking notice and are looking to add it to their product lists. As with the cannabinoids already on the market, the HHC cannabinoid offers unique benefits to go along with it.

Now, let’s take a look at this cannabinoid and see what it has to offer.

Description of HHC

As already mentioned, HHC is also called hexahydrocannabinol and it comes from cannabis plants, including hemp. Even though HHC is not THC, it is similarly found in the plant and similarly manipulated in order to extract it in a purer form. As a result of this manipulation, it has been reported to have the same potency as THC. It was created in order to create an easier way to meet the requirements of the law while still offering similar sensations and benefits to cannabis.

3Chi’s Offer

At this time, 3Chi offers two popular vape cartridge strains as an HHC vape. Specifically, they offer the Blue Dream and Pineapple Express. These are sativa hybrid and pure sativa strains, respectively. These strains offer usual effects of Blue Dream and Pineapple Express, all guided by the specific relaxing and euphoric effects that HHC offers.

These new vape strain cartridges offered by 3Chi work in the same way as the others that they offer. They are breath and button-activated compatible 510 cartridges. They also offer 1 ml total material with each cartridge. The oil contains 95 percent of HHC with five percent of terpenes to give them a boost to their flavor and aroma.

Understanding the New Cannabinoid

With the introduction of these new vapes, people will be able to enjoy something similar to THC, while not being THC. It offers all of the great benefits that go along with the strains as well. As such, they will be great options for anyone looking for something different. In the meantime, 3Chi will continue to offer great products like these new HHC vapes.

If you would like to give these or other products a try, then visit 3Chi’s website where they are available for reasonable prices.

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