The Calm blend Delta 8 vape cart is one of a few new blends introduced by the company 3Chi. 3Chi is well known for its Delta 8 products, and by adding this new blend, only shows that they are continuing to improve. Where many blends on the market involve a combination of many different cannabinoids, this blend, while still having multiple cannabinoids, differs from the others in a significant way. This blend is mostly made of Delta 8 and, as such, typically has the effects associated with that cannabinoid.

Learning the Makeup of the Calm Blend

As already mentioned, the Calm blend is mostly made of Delta 8, specifically 70 percent of the blend is Delta 8. It also contains about 25 percent of different cannabinoids, specifically CBT, CBC, CBN, and CBD. The last five percent makes up the cannabis-derived terpenes.

Understanding the Effects of the Calm Blend

The calm blend, as you can probably tell from the name, offers a calming sensation. The CBD drives the  relief and relaxation that many will be familiar with from the common cannabinoid. The CBN contributes to a sedative effect that boosts the relaxation from the CBD. The CBC and CBT contribute some minor effects on their own. However, the strength behind these two cannabinoids is their ability to boost the entourage effect, giving the blend more powerful effects.

Activities to Enjoy While Taking the Calm Blend

There are plenty of things that you can do while you enjoy the Calm blends. Watching a movie or television show would certainly be something you can enjoy along with this blend. Additionally, you could play a video game while on this and enjoy all of the benefits. Finally, just taking a nap and getting some shut-eye would be a good activity to go along with the blend.

Note that this blend is quite different from the CBD blend. Whereas the CBD blend is more therapeutic, this one offers the benefits of Delta 8 which the other blend does not. As such, you would probably prefer this when you are looking for the Delta 8 high to go along with the calming effects.

Enjoy the Calm

The Calm blend is a great choice for anyone planning to just lounge about the rest of their day. It offers all manner of effects for relaxation and calmness that you’ll enjoy.

If you would like to try this blend, then visit 3Chi where you can find it and other great products for sale.

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