3Chi, the industry leader of Delta 8 products, has further shown that they won’t be limited by only offering great Delta 8 products. In fact, they have added many new types of products since being established, ranging from different types of products to even new cannabinoids. They’ve recently added new HHC strains to their ever growing list of products. Previously, they had two popular HHC vape strains, but now, they’ve added five new strains to go along with them.

Understanding HHC

For those not familiar with the cannabinoid, cultivators of HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, create it by using CBD and distilling it through a chemical process. HHC’s effects on the user have been reported to be similar to THC. However, some have reported that it is less potent, milligram-per-milligram. However, some reviewers have reported it “beats Delta 9,” which could be that it differs depending on the user. Specifically, users have reported experiencing a euphoric and relaxing effect on both the mind and body. That said, it has been reported to cause far less paranoia and couch-lock that Delta 9 does.

New HHC Strains

The new HHC strains that have been added to the ever growing vape list are five of the very popular ones. Specifically, 3Chi takes the following five strains on as HHC strains:

  • God’s Gift (CDT)
  • Granddaddy Purple (CDT)
  • Green Crack
  • Northern Lights (CDT)
  • Snowman (CDT)

Product Description

These new vape strains are, like the previous refillable ones, breath and button-activated compatible 510 cartridge with a total of 1 ml of oil. It contains a ceramic coil and a glass tank. The oil contains 95 percent HHC with the remaining five percent being the terpenes that help to add to the flavor.

Enjoy Well

With the introduction of new HHC strains, customers will have more options to enjoy when they are deciding on their next HHC vape strain. Now, those that prefer these strains over others will have more options in regards to cannabinoids.

In order to find these great products, visit 3Chi where they are available for purchase.

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