As people take to using Delta 8 more and more, they might worry about how the Delta 8 might continue to affect them. Specifically, they might wonder if there is a chance that they could build a tolerance to it with moderate Delta 8 use. This is due to the fact that people using traditional Delta 9 have reported developing tolerance.

Does Moderate Delta 8 Use Build a Tolerance?

Moderate Delta 8 use can cause people to develop a tolerance to it, but results vary. However, this usually takes a while to develop. Even though Delta 8 doesn’t have the negative aspects of anxiety and paranoia found in Delta 9, they do have similarities in terms of tolerance. As such, the THC, which both Delta 8 and Delta 9 are versions, bonds to peoples’ cannabinoid receptors, which will cause them to get used to it over time. Note that this is the case when people have moderate or frequent Delta 8 use. 

If people allow large amounts of time, namely days or weeks, between doses you could probably avoid developing tolerance. For example, a person who consumes one or two gummies recreationally each weekend will likely not notice any kind of tolerance. Many users report no tolerance issues and standard doses taken a few times each week. However, using it more frequently will increase the likelihood to develop a tolerance. Be aware that results may vary based on the person.

Differences Between Delta 8 and Delta 9

To clarify, there are many differences between the two cannabinoids. Specifically, Delta 8 has all of the beneficial effects that Delta 9 offers, whereas it offers few, if any, adverse effects. The difference comes from the placement of the double bond between the carbon atoms. In Delta 8, it is between the eighth pair, whereas it is between the ninth pair in Delta 9. This causes a difference in how well they pair to the receptors in the human body. For clarification, this is the source of the effects. Since the two cannabinoids affect the receptors differently, tolerance will act differently between them.

Understanding Tolerance Breaks

If a person does use Delta 8 moderately, eventually they may need to take a tolerance break from Delta 8. This means that they should cut off all Delta 8 use for a week or so. Luckily, there are plenty of different activities that Delta 8 users can do in order to distract themselves from the tolerance break. Anything from playing video games to going to the gym can work as a way to distract people from their tolerance breaks.

Learning about the Tolerance

Moderate Delta 8 users can build a tolerance to it over time. It will likely take a few doses before the effects start hitting users less strongly. However, there is an easy and enjoyable way to distract yourself in the form of tolerance breaks.

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