Since a lot of different processes surrounding the use of distillates and oils require heat, some have wondered about the effect it has on the potency. This is a result of many tips suggesting against overheating for cannabis oils and vapes. However, like with many aspects of the Delta 8, there are exceptions to the rules. Specifically, people will need to take care not to reach a certain temperature with their distillate jar if they want to avoid affecting the potency.

Does Heating a Distillate Jar Decrease the Potency?

No, heat cannot negatively affect the potency of the distillate jar under normal circumstances. However, too high of a temperature for too long could have negative effects.In other words, depending on how high the temperature the distillate reaches or quickly it rises, it could affect the potency.

Heat to Avoid

It is the quantity of THC that affects potency, which is the strength of the distillate jar. What this means is that the more THC there is in a distillate, the stronger the effects will be. As such, the decomposition of the THC in the oil will cause the changes in potency. In order to avoid this, users will want to avoid reaching a temperature of about 200 – 250 degrees celsius. For clarification, this translates to about 392 – 482 degrees fahrenheit, which is a lot higher than anyone would need to make it. In fact, past users have even reported heating it to that temperature for at least eight hours a day to see a large amount of CBN in their distillate.

Reasons to Heat

There are plenty of uses for heating a distillate. For example, heating a distillate jar can loosen the liquid enough that it can be scraped or poured out of the jar. A user would specifically do this when the amount left in the jar is too small or solid to be scrapped out on its own. Users would also heat their distillate when they want to dab or use it as a vape.

Again, people can use these methods without worrying about the potency provided they do not reach a certain level of heat.

Heating the Distillate Jar

When it comes to heating a distillate jar, a person should make sure that they don’t increase the heat too much. Using a hot, not boiling, water bath or a hair drier would be sufficient to heat it. Should the user heat it too much, they will find that the THC content will start to degrade and, therefore, the potency will also diminish.

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