When it comes to Delta 8, newcomers have many questions about the cannabinoid. These questions include whether it affects the user in the same way as Delta 9 or if it is legal. One of the common questions is whether it causes the munchies that Delta 9 is famous for. It turns out there is some debate over whether or not it does, but some studies have looked into this. However, the results of these studies are usually conflicting with each other.

Does Delta 8 Make You Hungry?

Many users report that Delta 8 makes you hungry. However, a number of studies have found conflicting results to that question. One study stated how Delta 8 could be used as an appetite suppressant. This means that patients could use it as a potential way to help with weight loss. However, this study states that it could have to do with the amount of the Delta 8 a person is taking.

On the other hand, another study stated that it was an appetite stimulant. According to this potential effect, it could help those suffering from blocked appetite.

Possible Explanation

The potential reason for these differences in results is that the strain could affect the appetite-related effects. This is further supported by the fact that some Delta 8 strains report a hungry feeling whereas other strains do not. For example, the Apple Fritter, Melonatta, and Tahoe OG all report having a hungry effect to mix with their other effects.

Another potential reason for the discrepancy between the results is that some people could be more susceptible to the effects than others. Since those that have more tolerance to Delta 8 THC have reported feeling the effects less than those that had lower tolerance.

Sating Your Hunger For Info

When it comes to deciding on whether or not  to give Delta 8 a chance, users may feel certain effects that others may not. Each strain reports to offer different effects, like some offer focus, some offer energy, and some offer calmness.

As such, anyone looking for a definitive answer as to whether or not the cannabinoid causes a hunger effect will ultimately have to find out for themselves. Luckily, if they do experience the effect, then they’ll have plenty of options available for a healthy snack. However, as researchers continue to examine cannabis and its effects, people may be able to receive a better answer. 

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