There may come a time when you more experienced delta 8 users want something extremely specific that you are unable to find on the market.  Well, fear not, for there are other ways to find something to tickle your fancy. In fact, if you’re having trouble finding something already on the market, perhaps you’d be interested in a DIY Delta 8 blend. Despite how daunting a task this might seem, it is actually quite simple to make your own.

So, let’s take a look at the process that you’ll need to follow in order to make your own Delta 8 tincture.

DIY Delta 8 Blend: Gather Your Ingredients

One of the first things you will need is a syringe with the Delta 8 distillate. Many online stores sell these for anyone willing to give it a try. Next, you’ll need some form of carrier oil. This will serve as the base for your tincture. The oil can be anything from MCT oil, vegetable oil, hemp seed oil, and so on. There isn’t really an effect on the process, so whichever oil is used will depend on your personal preference. 

Next, you’ll, of course, need a scale in order to measure your ingredients. Technically, you could do this process without a scale, but the measurements will not be as accurate. This could lead to the end product not coming out as well. We will continue these instructions as if you’re using one.

The next item you’ll need is a hot plate, beaker, and stirring tool. You could also use a stove and sauce pan filled with water. You will also want some form of dropper bottle. One with a graduate dropper would be preferable as it allows more accurate dosing. 

Finally, you may want to consider other optional items. These include Vitamin E, which can be used to extend the shelf life and potency of your oil, terpenes or flavor oils, other cannabinoids, and food grade ethanol. Note that you can use anything that is considered food grade ethanol, including Everclear.

DIY Delta 8 Blend: Distillate Amount

Once you have all of these ingredients, you’ll next need to decide how much of the distillate you plan to use. This will depend on the size of the bottle that you are planning to use. It will also depend on the potency you are hoping to get with the finished product. For example, if you want low potency, you’ll want to use 150 mg for a 30 ml bottle and 300 for a 60 ml bottle. High potency will involve using 40 mg/ml of the distillate. One syringe of distillate will give you just over 30 mg/ml in a 30 ml bottle.

DIY Delta 8 Blend: First Steps

Once you’ve gotten the amount that you want, you’ll need to warm the distillate syringe in either a hot water bath or with a hair dryer. After the oil is loose, you’ll empty the amount into a beaker if you’re using a hot plate or the dropper jar if you’re using the stove. Next, you’ll need to measure about 1 oz of your carrier oil on the scale before adding it to the distillate. If you’re going to be adding ethanol to the product, you will need to subtract the amount of ethanol from the carrier oil weight. Note that this combined fluid should not be flush to the top of whatever container you are using.

DIY Delta 8 Blend: Choose Your Options

It is at this point where you will add any Vitamin E or other cannabinoid extracts, if you plan on doing so. If you are adding Vitamin E, you will need to put in 0.5 percent by weight. Note that neither of these additions is required to get the finished product. They merely are according to your personal preference.

DIY Delta 8 Blend: Start Cooking

Now, we’ll get to work on the actual making of the blend. If you are using a beaker on a hot plate, you’ll need to heat it to 90 to 100 degrees Celsius until it is melted. At this point you will stir it until it is completely mixed. Only once it has been mixed will you remove it from the heat. Remove as soon as you mixing is done in order to avoid the cannabinoids breaking down.

If you are using a stove and a bottle, however, you’ll need to add water to a sauce pan before bringing it to a light boil. Once this is done, you’ll need to use tongs to swirl the bottle in the boiling water. Do NOT place the bottle in the pan. This could cause it to melt or, at the very least, heat the contents too much. You will continue to swirl the bottle until the contents are melted. After this, you’ll remove it from the water and shake it until the contents are thoroughly mixed.

DIY Delta 8 Blend: Last Steps

These last steps that you’ll need to follow involve adding either terpenes and/or flavor oil. You’ll need to add under 2 percent by weight of these two ingredients. However, you might want to try under 0.25 percent as higher amounts can give a sensation of chemical burns. This is also the point that you could add ethanol. However, it is recommended to not add more than 20 percent.

Time To Enjoy!

With that last step all done, you’ll be able to enjoy your new Delta 8 blend. Now that you know how to do it, you’ll be able to mix and match all you want in the future. So, it wouldn’t hurt to have a stock of the materials for the future, even if you want to make a DIY vape cart.

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