Even a brief glance of 3Chi’s website is enough to convince anyone of the wide array of products offered by the industry leader in delta 8 edibles, oils, and cartridges. For instance, the company offers over 50 strains of vape cartridges and 12 different tincture blends. Their edibles follow suit — even going so far as offering two different kinds of cookies and two different cereal treats

The wildly popular gummies from 3Chi have long set the standard for delta 8 edibles. They’re tasty, vegan, and gluten-free. At 25 mg of delta 8 per gummy, they pack a potent punch that’s still accessible for new and experienced users alike. 

With all of this variety, it’s surprising that 3Chi can still find niches to fill. Yet they’ve done just that with their new Delta 8Balls.

What These Delta 8 Edibles Are

3Chi’s Delta 8Balls look and taste nearly identical to what’s been a favorite candy for many people going back decades. A crunchy, candy shell protects the chewy, fruity insides of these candy balls. The difference, though, is kind of a big deal. Each tiny piece packs 8 mg of delta 8. This serving size is one reason why the 8balls are such a versatile product.

What These Delta 8 Edibles Do With Potency

For most people, a single serving of delta 8 runs around 10 mg. This means that a gummy would be about two servings. While it’s no trouble at all to split a single gummy in two, that’s not always the most practical option. And, frankly, only eating half of a tasty gummy can be just as difficult as only eating one potato chip. 

The 8Balls provide a convenient way to consume one serving of delta 8. Furthermore, they make it easier to fill other gaps in the serving sizes. If a person finds half a gummy to not be enough, but one to be more than enough, two 8Balls at 16 mg may be the answer.

What These Delta 8 Edibles Do With Portability

A big plus of delta 8 products in general is their portability. With only a few precautions to keep in mind, many items can be easily stowed in a pocket or bag. Out of all the delta 8 edible options, however, the 8Balls may be the most portable. 

The small size does a great deal to help with the portability. A pack of these will fit in the pocket of even the most skin-tight jeans. The hard candy shell will help prevent them from being crushed, and may also help counter any kind of melting caused by the heat. For these reasons many people are already finding the 8Balls to be their go-to choice for bringing delta 8 along with them as they’re out and about.

Next Steps

Niche markets aside, I find myself gravitating towards this new product based solely on how unique it is. They taste great and add some variety to the usual products I know and love. I recommend that everyone gives these a shot–it doesn’t hurt even a little bit that they’re priced so affordably. Or course, you can find the 8Balls, along with many other tinctures, edibles, gummies, and vape cartridges, at 3Chi. See for yourself how 3Chi does hemp perfected. 

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