As cannabis-based products become more prevalent, the industry leader in delta 8, 3Chi, continues to introduce cannabinoids to the market. Most recently, 3Chi has added Delta 6a10a to their already extensive list of products. No, we’re not talking about the Space Force ship, but instead another cannabinoid that offers plenty of benefits to the users.

Now, let’s take a look at this cannabinoid to see if it is up your alley.

Definition of Delta 6a10a

Delta 6a10a, or Delta 6, is a derivative and isomer of CBD and Delta 9 THC. It is often misidentified as Delta 10, having many of the same effects as the other cannabinoid. However, the Delta 10 products crystallize in concentrations as low as 20 percent. That said, products with Delta 10 concentration of more than 20 percent are likely Delta 6.

Common Forms of Delta 6a10a

The cannabinoid, Delta 6, is sold as a bulk oil product from 3Chi. Cultivators make it from hemp. As a result, it is federally legal. The bulk oil also contains 50-80 percent of Delta 6a10a THC. However, the rest of the product contains CBN, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 10 THC.

Effects of Delta 6a10a

As mentioned above, past users have usually said that the cannabinoid, Delta 6, shares many of the same effects as Delta 10. It offers an uplifting effect, along with a boost to alertness, focus, energy, and creativity. Past users reported that it has decent potency, roughly around the same amount as Delta 8. However, they stated the effects of the potency are uniquely different in a refreshing way.

Understanding the Cannabinoid

As this cannabinoid gains popularity, it will become important to know what to expect from it. New users of the cannabinoid should, as with other products, start slowly before deciding to take more of it. Also, it is suggested that users not use heavy machinery after taking it.

If you would like to give this cannabinoid a try, then visit 3Chi where there are plenty of great products available for purchase.

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