Coronavirus and Mental Health: Staying emotionally, mentally, and physically well during the Quarantine using cannabinoids

We all seem to have similar things in common, the sense of fear, confusion, illusion, and chaos seems to be the ruling emotions. It also seems even if you try not to indulge in the day to day Coronavirus conversations they can still consume you. Keeping a sane mind during this time can be very difficult. Feeling overwhelmed and anxiety seems to be the new normal for everyone in the world. So how do we manage? Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally manage? For me, my everyday personal “well-being maintenance” is a lot harder to maintain. Daily workouts, meditation, and self-medication has become a task. These are usually elements I use to escape the outside world, but what happens when the world is forced into meshing their outside world with their inside worlds? PEOPLE GO MAD! The sense of balance in and out of the home is distorted and trying to get it back in a way that’s fitting for everyone can be a challenge. Being faced with the idea that the whole world is at a standstill and no one knows when things will go “back to normal” and that our new normal will never be the same can be overwhelming. Not only is it disruptive economically, but also socially, physically and mentally.

Have you ever Quarantined…………. on weed?!

During the announcement of the lockdown dispensary sales went through the roof! Some dispensaries limiting the amount consumers could buy during one visit to ensure they do not exhaust their inventory. This shows that not only are people freaking out, but they are freaking out about making sure they have what they need to NOT freak out. The cannabis/hemp industry is deemed ‘essential’ during this time. How is an industry that wasn’t even legal 10 years ago labeled as “essential work”? Although the spectrum on how you can get your products has changed, it is still in high demand. Some businesses redirecting to their online platforms and curbside pickups, whereas some are just limiting the number of customers in the store at a time. What does this peak in sales suggest? Many people are using cannabis and hemp products to ride this unsure wave of disruption in the world. Outside of getting super stoned and having hours’ worth of COVID conspiracy theory conversations, is cannabis and hemp-derived products getting people through? For me personally, it has been a yes at times and a no at others. I’ll walk you through why. I am a traditional THC flower smoker. A veteran I might add, so I am most familiar with how Delta 9 THC flower affects me. Whether it is Indica, hybrid or sativa, I know how each personally affects me. Good and bad. I have recently come across some new Delta 8 THC products that I have been using as well. The most significant thing for me that is different that I notice when using Delta 9 THC versus Delta 8 THC is the effects. When using Delta 9 THC, I sometimes get paranoid and anxious. These are elements I usually deal with knowing that they will subside, and my more dominant needs will be met shortly after like relaxation, increased appetite and sleep. I always wondered what it would be like to have a product where I could experience the effects of the ride and not the effects on the side, lol! Low and behold I got my hands on a Delta 8 cartridge and was able to experience just that, the ride with no side effects! I was able to experience clarity, increased productivity, relaxation, sedation, and relief without ever experiencing any paranoia or anxiety! I sometimes also feel more socially inclined and productive while using Delta 8 THC, which can be quite the opposite for me when using Delta 9 THC.

The combination of Delta 9 THC and quarantine is sometimes collaborative, as long as you are not experiencing paranoia, overthinking, depression and anxiety. But in the case it is Delta 8 THC has been my go-to alternative.

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