Sellers offer Delta 8 products with a number of different labels attached to them, like oil and distillates. However, newcomers might not know the difference between the types, especially when they appear so similar. Luckily, when it comes to comparing oils and distillates, the answers are pretty straightforward.

Now, let’s take a closer look at these two.

Comparing Oils and Distillates Delta 8 Origins

The first thing that you should know is that both of these two products are essentially the same thing. In fact, oils and distillates are terms that are usually interchangeable. Delta 8 products start out as a distillate. Manufacturers then alter the distillates into new forms. For clarification, products labeled as distillates are not altered in any way. However, manufacturers alter some distillates into sauces, for example, with CDTs added to the original product. 

Sellers usually sell oils as bulk orders. These oils are also typically little different, if at all, from the base distillates. However, during the oil extraction process, they can be altered slightly to alter the amount of CBD and THC in the resulting oil. This not only helps make the resulting oil legal according to federal regulations, but also can affect the resulting effects.

Comparing Oils and Distillates: Delta 9 Origins

Distillates made from Delta 9 are slightly different than the ones made from Delta 8. Delta 9 distillates are heavily-refined cannabis oils. Manufacturers then make them into a cannabinoid-dominant product. These start as oils before manufacturers winterize and have waxes removed through vacuum filtration. If it sounds complicated, that’s because it is. What’s important to know is that, in the broader cannabis community, terms like “oil” and “distillate” gained popularity when discussing marijuana with Delta 9 THC, and the terms don’t always fit neatly when used for Delta 8. That’s why the two terms are more interchangeable with Delta 8 than they are with Delta 9. 

Know the Difference, Know Your Preference

While those made from Delta 8 are little different, they do offer slightly different effects. The form they take will affect the experience. Regardless, both distillates and oils offer the typical Delta 8 effects that any one would look for.

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