When you are looking for a way to relax and shake off the stress of the day, then there is little better than enjoying a Caribbean Dream. This strain is extremely popular among the users. The fruity scents of mango, passion fruit, and cedar tends to fill the room to create a calming effect beyond what the strain itself will cause.

Aspect of The Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Dream is a hybrid indica-dominant strain with its THC percentage being between 70% and 90%. It also has very slight sativa qualities. It tends to start affecting the user very quickly and it lasts for a good amount of time.

Benefits of The Dream

As with many of the Delta 8 THC products, the Caribbean Dream strain has reportedly a number of beneficial effects for the smokers. Customers tend to use the strain to relieve their stress and pain. It works very well at making people drowsy, so users can get to sleep. Another common usage for the strain was to increase the appetite of the user. Users have reported that it helps with their anxiety by allowing them to relax more. Customers have also reported taking the strain helped with their depression and made them feel happier.

Downside of The Dream

As it has been mentioned, the smell of this strain is very pungent and has a tendency to fill a room very quickly and for long periods of time. This can have a calming effect if it is pleasant to the people in the room, but those that don’t enjoy the scent may become stressed and upset over having it hang around. Its drowsy effect can also be a negative if the user has work that they need to get done.

This strain also has the usual side effects of dry mouth and dry eyes. Users can deal with these minor effects by drinking some water and putting some eye drops in respectively.

Enjoying The Caribbean Dream

If you want to feel like you’re among the mangroves in the Caribbean, feeling pain and stress-free as you drift into a good sleep, then Caribbean Dream might be just the ticket for you! 3Chi offers this strain as a vape so go and enjoy the dream!

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