Companies like 3Chi are still working hard to offer more to their customers. In fact, 3Chi, the leading source of Delta 8 products on the market, has begun to branch out and have added a new vape cartridge to their repertoire. They have added a couple of THCv vape cartridges of well-known and popular strains including Blue Dream. However, this cart differs from the previous Delta 8 cartridges by adding, as you can probably guess, THCv into the mix. However, that’s not all, as Delta 8 THC and THCv only make up a combined total of about 85 percent of the formula. Various cannabinoids have been added to make up the remaining total.

Now, let’s look at this blend to see what it offers.

Understanding the Use of THCv

The main ingredient of the vape is the cannabinoid, THCv. It is one that has been shown to offer all manner of beneficial effects. These effects include energy boosts, feelings of euphoria, and boosts to your motivation. Some users have also reported that it can suppress the appetite.

Learning the Makeup of the Blue Dream THCv Vape

As already mentioned, Delta 8 THC and THCv make up 85 percent of the vape cartridge. Of the roughly 10 percent of THCv, 95 percent of it is Delta 8 THCv and 5 percent is Delta 9 THCv. The cannabinoid CBC makes up the next 10 percent of the combined total and CBT and CBD make up less than 1 percent.

Understanding the Effects of the Blue Dream THCv Vape

Thanks to the introduction of Delta 8 THC, you’ll enjoy an energizing effect and a creative boost. With THCv being added into the mix, you will also get to enjoy feelings of euphoria and happiness as it has been reported to treat feelings of depression. CBT helps to make certain your head will stay clear enough to let you continue going about your day. The CBD will be the one to offer feelings of relaxation and relief. Finally, the cannabinoid CBC not only adds anti-inflammatory effects, but also it works to have the different cannabinoids work together through the entourage effect. A more focused guide to cannabinoids can be found here.

Enjoying the Tastes of the Blue Dream THCv Vape

Its effects aren’t the only benefits that come from enjoying this cartridge. The cartridge also offers a delectable flavor of fruity, herbal blueberries and vanilla for your enjoyment.

Enjoy the Dream

With the introduction of this new version of Blue Dream, you’ll be able to savor the great taste usually associated with it while also enjoying some new benefits. It will provide boosts of energy and creativity while also helping to treat symptoms of depression and anxiety.

If you would like to give this one a try, then visit 3Chi where you can find it and others available for purchase.

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