The well-known and popular strain, Blue Dream, is one of the strains that comes in two separate forms. Specifically, it comes with either botanically-derived terpenes or with cannabis-based terpenes. The CDT version introduces new terpenes to the strain bringing new benefits to those enjoying it. Blue Dream (CDT) takes everything that makes Blue Dream such a well-liked vape strain and makes it better. However, every benefit and drawback that was present in Blue Dream is still present in this version.

That said, let’s look into what makes up different aspects of the strain.

Blue Dream (CDT): Enjoying the Deeper Dream

The Blue Dream (CDT) strain, for those unfamiliar with the difference between cannabis-derived and botanically-derived terpenes, offers a more potent flavor and aroma. This happens by having these terpenes being taken from other cannabis plants and added to the strain.

Blue Dream (CDT): Perks of a Deeper Dream

Thanks to it still offering decent CBD and CBN amounts, along with high THC percentages, it offers a lot of help for a number of ailments, including anxiety, fatigue, and depression. The strain offers a relaxation and energetic feeling to the user to combat these issues. Also, like with the regular version of Blue Dream, it helps with muscle spasms and pain.

Additionally, both versions provide you with a boost to your creativity and focus, making it a great choice for anyone looking to finish artistic and creative works.

You can enjoy these benefits while still avoiding becoming couch locked, despite what the name might suggest.

Blue Dream (CDT): Drawbacks of a Deeper Dream

Even with the cannabis-derived terpenes being introduced, Blue Dream (CDT) offers the same downsides as the regular version does. It is not the best choice if you are looking for something to help you sleep, despite the name of the strain hinting otherwise.

Also, the effects will be more diminished in the Delta 8 strain than it would in the Delta 9. As such, if you are more familiar with that strain, then the effects will be noticeably lessened.

Enjoying the Deeper Dream

With the introduction of cannabis-derived terpenes, you will enjoy the boost in the flavor and aroma to go along with the many benefits the strain offers. It is a good choice for most users and is best enjoyed early in the day.

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