When it comes to the DIY projects, most people understandably want to stick close to the recipe, at least when they are just starting out. However, with most recipes, there are some optional steps that people may automatically finish. One of these steps is the one involving the introduction of terpenes into the DIY project. Understandably, some new DIY-ers might question whether or not adding terpenes is strictly necessary to the project or if it can be skipped in order to focus on the more important. Now, let’s take a look at this premise and people will decide for themselves.

Are Terpenes Necessary in DIY Projects?

No, terpenes are not typically necessary when finishing DIY projects. Terpenes offer a number of additional benefits and flavors to the overall project. That said, even without the terpenes, DIY-ers will be able to get plenty out of the finished product. If the DIY-er decides to refrain from adding terpenes to the project, they will still enjoy the effects and benefits of the base ingredients.

Reasons for Adding Terpenes

There are actually a few reasons for adding terpenes to DIY projects. As it has been discussed in previous articles, terpenes work through the entourage effect. They work well with the other cannabinoids to offer either new or stronger effects. They also offer new flavors and aromas to the DIY project. With these terpenes added to the project, people will have a different experience from base experience. That said, even though this is the case, terpenes are not required. DIY-ers will be able to fully enjoy their project even without them.

The Choice is Yours

When it comes to deciding on whether or not to add terpenes into the DIY project, it is ultimately up to the maker. Regardless of terpenes being added, since they are optional, they will find that terpenes add more to the experience.

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