The set up for vaping delta 8 carts really couldn’t be easier, or more affordable. A quality vape pen doesn’t have to cost more than $20. Quality cartridges can come at that price, as well. Even though this process is amazingly simple (or maybe because it’s amazingly simple), a whole community has grown around this method of consumption, and some tips that have come about are truly game changing. The top items to enhance your vaping may very well revolutionize everything about your next session.

Number 1: Bong Adaptor for Delta 8 Carts

There are so many affordable products like this that provide an easy way to use your vape through your bong. Let’s be honest–many people who enjoy vaping Delta 8 also own a water pipe. Many people enjoy the smoother draws they get from water filtration. There are a lot of quality vape devices that use water filtration, but those come at a high price. Not only is this option much more affordable, but it also incorporates the personal attachment that many of us have developed with our bongs over the years. Some of the products we use might change, but our water pipes don’t need to go anywhere.

Number 2: Pocket Clip for Delta 8 Carts

This one might even make MacGyver stop and applaud. Some vape pen users noticed a lack of ways to securely carry a vape pen in a pocket or bag. Some even remarked that one would think a true pen would have a pen clip. Finally someone had the truly genius idea to attach these pocket clips to delta 8 carts using o-rings (though others use simple rubber bands). Now, it’s still not a great idea to carry vape pens in your pocket, as your body heat will make the oil more prone to leaks. Still, this is a game changer for when you’re out and about with a vape pen.

Number 3: Substitute Battery

This one is just good sense. As mentioned previously, quality vape pens do not have to cost a lot of money. In fact, many people who vape own more than one device. While there are multiple reasons for this, having two pens does fulfill a practical need. There’s nothing worse than having everything set up for a fun vape session only to find that you forgot to charge the device. Having another pen to switch to immediately will save you from having to wait half an hour to let your fun begin. Plus, buying an extra pen provides an opportunity to try out new features to see what you like.

Bonus: The Product

When it comes down to it, the only real must have for a quality vape session is a quality vape cartridge. The best cartridges come from 3Chi, the industry leader in Delta 8 tinctures, edibles, gummies, and vape cartridges. All products from 3Chi are priced competitively, and they back everything up with third party lab testing. Now that you’ll be vaping like a pro, you’ll want cartridges to match. See for yourself how 3Chi does hemp perfected. 

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