3Chi has once again added another product to their already extensive list. While it might not be another strain or cannabinoid, the new product is every bit as worthy of your time as the others. They’ve expanded the offered disposable vape list to now include a 1 ml option, along with additional strains. Everything that makes the .5 ml options a great choice is even better with the full milliliter option. Now, let’s take a look at the 1 ml Delta 8 disposable vape to see what it has to offer.

1 ml Delta 8 Disposable Vape: Strains Offered

The new 1 ml Delta 8 disposable vape offers all of the same strains that the 0.5 ml disposable vape offers and then doubles down. Many of them are the most popular strains that are already available for the non-disposable vapes. For instance, they offer Blue Dream (CDT), Granddaddy Pluto (CDT), and Pineapple Express.

1 ml Delta 8 Disposable Vape: Ins and Outs

These new disposable vapes, like the .5 versions, are breath-activated CCELL disposables. This means that users activate them by taking puffs off of the vape. They include 95 percent or more of Delta 8 in each of the contained oils, while also containing about five percent of the terpenes. These terpenes offer a boost to both the flavor and the effects of the oil.

Why Choose Disposables?

These new disposables offer users a chance to try Delta 8 vape strains without having to worry about having additional hardware. In the same line of thought, users that don’t plan to enjoy a vape very often will be able to easily store it until they plan to use it again.

Make Your Choice

If someone wants to enjoy something just take every now and then instead of frequently, then the new 1 ml Delta 8 disposable vape would certainly be a good option. Plus, if they are planning on vaping somewhere that their vape could be easily lost or stolen, then these disposable vapes would be a good alternative. Not only does it offer many of the most popular vape strains, but it also offers more of the oil to enjoy before needing to replace it.

If you would like to give these a try, then visit 3Chi where you can now find them available for purchase.

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